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Dr Z

Dr Z
Dr. Z Z-Plus 1x12 Studio Combo - Blonde with Z-Wreck Grill Cloth
This is the Studio 1x12 Model and it comes loaded with a Dr. Z Z12 Eminence designed speaker! From Dr. Z: When Joe Walsh approached Dr. Z for a new amp to use on the latest ... read more
Dr. Z Mazerati 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Electric Guitar Amplifier Head - #17 of 30
This head is from a Limited Run for the 30th Anniversary and ours is #17 of 30!  From Dr. Z: Touted as a double powered Carmen Ghia with single volume, single tone con ... read more
Dr. Z 1x12 Cabinet with Z-Wreck Grill Cloth
From Dr. Z: A perfect fit under or next to our 1×12 or 2×10 combos and an excellent match for any of our heads. The Dr Z 1×12 cab is like getting 2 speaker cabs for the price o ... read more
Dr. Z EMS Head and Matching 2x12 Cabinet
Our goal with the latest Dr. Z amp, the EMS, was to produce the essential sounds of 3 generations of classic British amplifiers. Starting with the mid-60s JTM 50 variant, we combin ... read more
Dr. Z Maz 38 SR NR Mk. II 1x12 Electric Guitar Amplifier - with HALF POWER!
From Dr. Z: The all new MKII! We have decided to add something a little different to this model to distinguish it from the rest of the MAZ line: a half power switch, effectively ... read more
Dr. Z Backline 2x12 Cab
From Dr. Z: Our ‘Backline’ 2×12 convertible cab utilizes the classic floating baffle design found on the great amps of the 1950’s. The entire front of the cabinet comes alive t ... read more
Dr Z Remedy
In 2009 Dr Z created the Remedy expressly for those seeking the full on assault and sweet crunch of a Plexi style circuit . Using four 6V6s and coming in at 40 watts it has all the ... read more
Dr. Z Carmen Ghia Head - Z-Wreck Grill Cloth
From Dr. Z: At first glance, the Carmen Ghia looks rather, well, modest. This is why the Ghia leaves so many people floored from the first note. Clean notes come out with a war ... read more
Dr. Z Z-Plus 1x12 Ultra-Lite Red Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier
From Dr. Z: When Joe Walsh approached Dr. Z for a new amp to use on the latest Eagles’ tour, he harkened back to the legendary recordings with the James Gang, where Joe was us ... read more
Dr. Z Maz 18 Jr MKII Reverb 1x12 Combo - New Ultra Lite MKII Model!
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Dr. Z Z Wreck Head with 1/2 Power Switch and Matching Backline 2x12 Cabinet
The head and cab can be purchased individually if that is what you prefer! From Dr. Z: Starting in 2006 Brad Paisley contacted Dr Z about building another amp. After talk ... read more
Dr. Z DB4 2x12 "BluesBreaker" Combo Blue
From Dr. Z: The DB4 is the fourth collaboration between Dr. Z and Brad Paisley (hence the name DB4: Doc & Brad’s fourth amp design). Brad asked for a rich and warm sounding Bri ... read more
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