Welcome J. Rockett Pedals!

We’d like to welcome J. Rockett Audio Designs to our pedal lineup!

They make some killer pedals and we are pretty excited to have them!

Come check one out today!

In stock models include:

  1. Archer Overdrive (Silver)
  2. Archer Overdrive (Gold)
  3. WTF
  4. 4. Boing Reverb
  5. The Dude Overdrive
  6. Lenny Overdrive



The relic thing is very divided and either loved or hated, not usually many people in the middle about it. Personally, I dig it. I love the look and feel of a well broken in instrument. I know there are people out there that say “just wear it on your own over the years..”  but most modern day “Poly” finish guitars will never wear like that. I have a telecaster that’s seen 1000’s of shows and it’s not the best taken care of instrument around. Aside from some dings/dents, it shows virtually no wear at all.

Here are a few examples on the extreme end from Suhr and Nash guitars. One thing I will say is that both of these guitars sound and feel incredible! You also can’t deny they have this “cool” factor about them..

smaller SMALLER2

What do you think?