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Suhr Shiba Drive Mini Reloaded Pedal
From Suhr: Today pedal board real estate comes at a premium especially when traveling. And lets face it, sometimes having to choose which pedals to leave off your board can real ... read more
Suhr Riot Distortion
The Riot, as its name playfully hints, is a high-gain distortion box that will make a small clean tube combo sound like a raging stack. We have heard many distortion boxes and were ... read more
Suhr Koji Comp Compressor
The Koji Comp is a versatile analog compressor, designed to offer a wealth of vintage and modern style compression effects without compromising your tone. ... read more
Suhr Eclipse Dual Overdrive Pedal - Limited Galactic Finish
From Suhr: Only 200 units produced in a celestial Dark Matter Metallic (flip flops from blue to purple) powder coat.  Get one while they last! DUAL CHANNEL OVERDRIVE ... read more
Suhr Alexa Chorus/Vibrato Pedal
From Suhr: Alexa is a Multi-Wave Dual Channel Analog Chorus/Vibrato that offers a fresh approach in delivering a wealth of warm modulation and spatial effects for your guitar, ... read more
Suhr Shiba Drive Reloaded
In July of 2009, Suhr shipped their very first Shiba Drive pedal. Shiba was designed to provide players with a variety of fat rhythm and warm singing lead tones. The Shiba Drive ga ... read more
Suhr Riot Reloaded
<b>OPEN BOX SPECIAL. VERY LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE!<BR><BR></B> In 2009, Suhr shipped our very first Riot distortion pedal. Riot became an overnight s ... read more
Suhr Shiba Drive
The Shiba Drive is a smooth sounding overdrive pedal that will work great with clean amps for a bluesy overdrive tone or with an already overdriven amp to kick it to next gear. Som ... read more
Suhr Jack Rabbit Tremolo
Jack Rabbit is a high quality analog pedal, that delivers a wide variety of tremolo effects - from warm wobble to whacked out. It features simple control over tempo by incorporatin ... read more
Suhr ISO Boost
The Iso Boost is a unique boost pedal in that it incorporates a clean, transparent boost as well as a transformer isolated buffered signal to cleanly drive long effects chains. Uti ... read more
Suhr Andy Wood Signature Woodshed Compressor Pedal
From Suhr: Together, Kevin Suhr and Andy Wood have built a compressor that is the foundation of some of Andy’s favorite tones. As you know, Andy plays in multiple musical ... read more
Suhr Koko Boost
The Suhr Koko Boost is the ultimate boost pedal in that not only does it provide an extremely transparent clean boost that does not color the guitar's tone whatsoever, but also a s ... read more
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