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Friedman Dirty Shirley 1x12 Electric Guitar Combo Amplifier
From Friedman: Dave Friedman’s Dirty Shirley open-back 1×12” combo was designed for guitarists that want a Vintage Classic Rock tone inspired by British tube amps from the 60’s ... read more
Friedman BE-100 Amplifier Head
From Friedman: The Friedman BE100 is a hand-wired, 100-watt, EL34 powered, multi-channel British-style amp. By merely adjusting the gain and master volume controls, the BE100 ca ... read more
Friedman 2x12 Cabinet
The Friedman 2x12 extension cabis a rear-ported 2x12”, closed-back design. Tung-and-groove construction using Baltic Birch delivers the bass, mids and tone you'd expect from Freidm ... read more
Friedman Dirty Shirley
From Premier Guitar Magazine: "This amp sounds like Jimmy Page on the early Zeppelin records" 40 watts High and low input channels, Master Volume and Full EQ, Two 5881 Power ... read more
Friedman Steve Stevens SS100
The Steve Stevens Signature Amplifier. Guitar great and Grammy Award winner Steve Stevens has come together with Dave Friedman to create this incredible 100 watt EL34 based amp. ... read more
Friedman 412 Vintage Speaker Cabinet
The Friedman 4×12 Cabinet comes stock with Celestion V30’s(2) in the two lower speaker slots and Celestion Greenbacks (2) in the top two positions. ... read more
Friedman Pink Taco
The Pink Taco is the Browneye's little sister in a 20 watt EL84 light weight über-cool package. Monster tone in a tiny box. Cleans up amazingly well with your guitar’s volume pot. ... read more
Friedman Runt 50 Watt Head
The Runt-50 is a 50-watt all tube head that delivers Friedman's legendary tone in a versatile 2-channel amp. The Runt-50 power section is driven by two EL-34s, with four 12AX7s in ... read more
Friedman Dirty Shirley Mini 20 Watt Head
Dave Friedman’s Dirty Shirley Mini is a 20 Watt Head version of the popular full sized Dirty Shirley which was designed for guitarists that want a vintage “Classic Rock” tone inspi ... read more
Friedman BE-50 Deluxe Amplifier Head
From Friedman: By combining the tonal pallet of his BE and HBE circuits, as well as the sparkling cleans of the Buxom Beauty in his all-new BE-50 Deluxe amplifier head, Dave Fr ... read more
Freidman Jerry Cantrell 100 Watt Signature Head
The undeniably crushing sound of Alice in Chains’ Jerry Cantrell has sent countless guitar players on a quest to achieve his signature tone. Dave Friedman has captured lightning in ... read more
Friedman Buxom Betty Head
Dave Friedman’s Buxom Betty brings together British and American tone in one great sounding package. The Buxom Betty is a 40-watt, 5881 powered, single channel amp that delivers cl ... read more
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