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Z Vex

Z Vex
ZVEX Ringtone TT Effects Pedal
The Ringtone™ plays a pre-set melody while ring-modulating it against your guitar’s notes. This latest revision features tap tempo! The controls allow the user to select sequenc ... read more
ZVEX Seek Trem Effect Pedal
This versatile tremolo pedal has eight different volume controls that are stepped through sequentially at a rate determined by the speed (SPD) knob, each altering the volume of ... read more
ZVEX Seek Wah II Effects Pedal
Originally the Seek Wah II was going to be a miniature sequencer with a VC output, but ZVEX decided to put a wah-wah inside of it, and it became an instant classic, copied by Li ... read more
ZVEX Super Duper 2-in-1 Effects Pedal
This two-switched pedal has two cascaded Super Hard On’s and a master volume on channel 2 so you can set various boost levels (1,2,1+2) and even achieve a crunchy non-eq-ed over ... read more
ZVEX Tremorama Effects Pedal
The Tremorama is to the Seek-Trem™ what the Ooh- Wah™ is to the Seek-Wah™. Some expected it to be called the Ooh-Trem, but alas, Tremorama sounds so much more fun! Same sound as ... read more
ZVEX Wah Probe Effects Pedal
A wah-wah pedal with no rocker to pot to wear out, that uses a proximity sensing radio transmitter so you can achieve super fast wah action and chewy sounds (pulling your foot q ... read more
ZVEX Woolly Mammoth Effects Pedal
Designed for bass, a favorite for guitar, this incredibly sub-frequency-preserving unit will hold on to the lowest lows like no fuzz ever heard before. It features a gentle gate ... read more
ZVEX Super Hard-On Effect Pedal
The SHO is an ultra-transparent boost that goes from unity gain to a whooping 60 times the original size (watch out!), while adding a delightful high-end clarity with its 5 mill ... read more
ZVEX Tremolo Probe Effects Pedal
This is a hopped-up volume pedal with an SHO at its heart, providing boost, and a copper probe plate like a Fuzz Probe. As your foot gets closer, the volume goes up, but unlike ... read more
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