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Suhr Pickups

Suhr Pickups
Suhr Woodshed Bridge Pickup
From Suhr: Andy Wood has a great appreciation for vintage T-style instruments that possess a balance of woodiness and twang. When it came time to design pickups for Andy’s Sign ... read more
Suhr Woodshed Raw Nickel Neck Pickup - Andy Wood
From Suhr: The Woodshed Neck Pickup with its raw nickel cover offers a bit more clarity than our standard Classic T neck pickup, balancing perfectly with the Woodshed Bridge. ... read more
Suhr Pete Thorn Thornbucker
Thornbucker pickups are born out of a desire to give guitarists a humbucking pickup set that has all of the best attributes of the coveted 50's “patent applied for” style pickups… ... read more
Suhr Michael-Landau ML 60' Style Single Coil Pickup
The flagship of Suhr's highly-touted single-coil pickup line, the ML incorporates the best qualities of various vintage pickups in a single design. Designed by John Suhr in conjunc ... read more
Suhr V60 and V60 LP - 60's Style Single Coil Pickup
The V60 and V60LP pickups faithfully recreate the classic single-coil sounds of the 60's. These pickups also use the same magnets that were used in the pickups made during this era ... read more
Suhr V54 - 50's Style Single Coil Pickup
Suhr V54 pickups are designed to faithfully replicate the classic single-coil sounds of the 50's. Slightly brighter than the V60's, the V54's are the pickups for those who want the ... read more
Suhr Classic T Pickup
Suhr Classic T pickups are the result of John Suhr's extensive research into what made the pickups of T-style instruments so special and renowned for their unmistakable sonic quali ... read more
Suhr S90 Soapbar Pickup
Raunchy and loud yet warm and clear, our S90 pickups are faithful recreations of this classic pickup design from the 50's. Ideal for blues, blues-rock, classic rock and jazz, the S ... read more
Suhr Aldrich Humbucking Pickup
The result of collaboration between John Suhr and rock guitarist extraordinaire Doug Aldrich, the Aldrich humbuckers are the ultimate high-output pickups for aggressive rock style ... read more
Suhr SSH+ and DSH+ Bridge Humbucking Pickups
DSH+ and SSH+ pickups are Suhr's popular standard high-output pickups. Choose the DSH+ with its double row of screws for a smoother sound and the SSH+ with a single row of screws a ... read more
Suhr SSH and DSH Bridge Humbucking Pickups
DSH and SSH pickups are Suhr's most popular humbucking pickups, providing a nice balance between strong output with pronounced mids that will push the front end of a tube amp and s ... read more
Suhr SSV and DSV Bridge & Neck Humbucking Pickups
If you need authentic vintage humbucker sounds, there is no need to look any further than Suhr's DSV and SSV humbucking pickups. Used by top pros who need to duplicate the great cl ... read more

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